Grand Design Systems

Innovation Workshops & Digital Strategy.
Execution in Design, Development and Operations.

Innovation Workshops

Cultural change, New business models, Agile methodology, Understanding customer and big data

E-commerce Optimization

Drive convergence and check out, personalized relationships with consumer.

Mobile and Web Development

Capitalize on new technology or new ways to use existing technology

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Using models and frameworks to provide insights. Data science and scientists

BlockChain Opportunities

Adding elements of trust to the internet with distributed ledgers.

CTO Services

Technical strategic direction, development, and future growth.

CMO Services

Strategic expertise (marketing planning) and tactical support (graphic design, copywriting, etc.).

CRO Services

Unifying leadership of marketing, sales and service.

We provide competitive advantage to our clients by assembling high performance teams in multiple disciplines ranging from sales, product design, product development, and project management.

Grand Design systems is a team of successful Silicon Valley executives who have founded and grown businesses.

We bring the right team mix on board. These freelancers are sometimes called 10x professionals because of their great productivity and experience.

GDS has assembled a team of over 100 10x professionals in various skill sets to bring to bear on any project it takes on.

We always start from a business and competitive goals point of view and then deploy world class experts to reach objectives.

Grand Design Systems

Using Data Science and AI experts we are able to provide these solutions to our clients. We like to start  with a Proof of Concept (POC) and get started quickly to deliver these results.

Recommendation engines
Churn analysis
Smart home platforms
Sentiment detection
Computer vision
Predictive analysis
Machine learning tools